It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship you are in, every relationship can become better. You could be ignoring specific elements of your relationship, or perhaps you feel like some of the sparks are missing. Regardless of where you’re at in your current relationship here is 6 basic tips to make it better and hopeful turn it into an outstanding one.

  1. Stop disregarding things around the house

It is surprising the number of times in a relationship you both disregard a pile of laundry, dishes in the sink or other household chores that must be done. Therefore, here is a quick tip: Do them! See dishes piling up in the sink? Wash them. See a mountain of laundry in the hamper? Throw in a load or even two. Another great tip is not telling your partner you did them. Instead, give them time to acknowledge you.

  1. Break the daily grind

Humans are creatures of habit. We appear to do the same things every day. We get out of bed, we eat, we feed the kids and the pets, we work, we come home, we eat again, and we finally go to sleep. Do something different, even for just one night a week. You can take a shower together, go out and eat together. Whatever you choose to do, do it together.

  1. Give up the power of the remote control

This is somewhat hilarious, but if you’re the one who normally uses the remote control power, then make an effort to give it up once in a while. You might think that this isn’t something that can make someone happy, but there is always one individual who is the remote control controller.

  1. Give your support

Is your partner passionate about something? You can support your partner through it. Does he/she have a hobby on which he or she has been doing extensively? Are they interested in photography, cooking or learning to play a new sport? Whatever it is, motivate them to do it. You want to live with a person who is happy than someone who is wishing they were doing other things. Therefore, provide them with enough freedom to search and discover some of their passions.

  1. Listen

A lot of things you say to each other in a relationship is a repeat. In the beginning, everything a person says is things you are hearing for the first time, and it’s all new. Therefore, when your partner comes home at night from work and shares a story, listen and be interested. You don’t want to miss something that they want you to know. The more you listen to your partner, the better the relationship can be and the fewer fights you will have in the future.